Dotonbori · Japan · Osaka

Travel Guide: Don Quixote Ferris Wheel in Osaka, Japan


This bright yellow oblong-shaped Ferris wheel along the Dotonbori river is probably one of famous landmarks in the area. Often it was mistaking for just another wild Osaka decoration while few realize it’s an actual ride

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Dotonbori · Japan · Osaka

Travel Guide: Tombori River Cruise in Osaka, Japan


Dotonbori is Osaka’s most famous tourist attraction and has been called the heart of Osaka, known for its bright and extravagant neon lights, which pierce the night and reflect off the surface of the Dotonbori Canal. This “bright heart” of Osaka is a colorful must-see anytime you travel through Japan’s Kansai region.

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Dotonbori · Japan · Osaka

Mizuno: A Michelin-Starred Okonomiyaki Restaurant | Osaka Foodventure


So I’ve been craving Okonomiyaki since I landed and this one was a highly-popular choice along with the fact that it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant. It was also recommended by a few friends that traveled through Osaka, and some local. With that said, it was no surprise that there was a a pretty long line as I arrived for lunch.

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Dotonbori · Japan · Osaka

Ichiran Ramen | Osaka Foodventure


I first saw Ichiran Ramen in a video and it was described as an ‘introvert’s paradise’ because guests sit in a minimally decorated wooden booth, sheltered from other patrons on either side. The only few human interactions that you will be having are when one of the staff hands you a piece of paper (for your order) and ushers you to your seat once available. I am in no way an introvert but I wanted to try it out!

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