8 Misconceptions about Extroverts as Told by an Extrovert


Extroverts are seen as loud, gregarious, socially activate people who always enjoy parties and being part of the crowd and you will surely meet a lot of them when you travel. While that may be true, but that is not the true meaning of extroversion. Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people and being alone for a period of time tickles their restless bone. This is the opposite of an introvert who is energized by being alone. To be honest, I feel like extroverts are misunderstood and get bad reputation just because we are more expressive compared to the introverts. Here are some of the things that people are constantly assuming about the extroverts.

1. Extroverts don’t like quiet or alone time.
It’s not that all extroverts don’t like being alone and all introverts don’t like people. Both introverts and extroverts each need a bit of interaction with others and a bit of time alone.  However, each group will find one of these draining and the other replenishing. I’m full blast on the extrovert scales but I also like being alone (Heck! I love to read and I hate it when someone interrupts me when I’m reading), but if I’m alone for too long I crave being around people again which charges my battery.  An introvert can like being around people perfectly well, but prolonged social interaction may leave them feeling drained after a while.

2. Extroverts are always happy.
I don’t think that either personality is happier than the other. Just on the individual, and how they choose to go about their given life. I must say though that extroverts might look happier when they are having fun because it involves a lot of activities. An introvert can have so much fun by himself in a room playing computer games so if you compare that to an extrovert who is also having fun doing the things he love then you might think that extroverts are happier but they are actually both having fun and perfectly happy.

3. Extroverts are natural flirts.
Extroverts love interacting with people, and that’s true regardless of the person’s gender. But this friendliness can sometimes be misinterpreted as flirting, even when the extrovert’s intentions are purely platonic. We’re just bubbly and we talk to everyone with the same warmth and attention — from the waiter at diner to your 90-year-old grandmother. We want you to feel comfortable while in our company because when you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable. 🙂

Also some extroverts can be a bit ‘touchy-feely’, meaning we aren’t afraid to touch or be touched. They may not even be aware they are touching people, that’s how natural it is to them. But in all honesty, it doesn’t mean we are doing it intentionally, at least for most of us.

4. Extroverts love public speaking
Yes, we talk too much and can be pretty loud but it doesn’t mean that we enjoy public speaking. Getting up and talking in front of a room filled with people (or even two people) you don’t know can be terrifying. Honestly, I get all self-conscious and like everyone else, we face the same fears of messing up something very important. Good public speakers managed to control their nerves, however, because they’ve practiced thousands of times.

5. Extroverts need to be the center of attention.
Generally, extroverts are more outgoing, confident and sociable, so they naturally draw more attention to themselves. But some doesn’t enjoy the limelight. Like myself, I love it when people listens to what I say but most of the time I’d rather be the one who pushes the attention onto others. Some of us really just want to be able to connect more with others.

6. Extroverts like small talks.
Starting conversations is stressful, tiring, and can be pretty scary. Some people handle it better than others. And for us, small talk is never useless when you’re genuinely interested in someone. We hate awkward silence and we don’t want to be rude (and just completely ignore you) so we push through the hesitation and discomfort and just do it. I can think of a bunch of things to say in response that could easily lead to an exchange of interesting ideas/beliefs. If you want to change the topic, trust me, we’re probably down.

7. Extroverts are insensitive.
Sometimes extroverts tend to not notice the subtleties in situations and often interrupt another’s train of thought/feeling. It is not that the extrovert doesn’t care about others, it’s that they don’t slow down, calm down & quiet down their minds to notice and read the subtle or not so subtle clues as to how to go about approaching people for conversations and other interactions. I am actually guilty of being slow at picking up hints and passive-aggressive responses so if you want something from us extroverts, speak up.

8. Extroverts are somehow less intelligent than introverts.
I remember looking for actual data on intelligence among introverts and extroverts but all I could find was the usual garble about whose dumb, who’s smart, who’s weird, who’s boring, etc.  But let me say this, extroverts talk to and interact with a variety of different people to diversify their views and opinions. They learn by doing and talking through ideas and problems because putting themselves out there is the best way to get the hang of things. Multitasking comes easily to most of us too. And believe it or not, we enjoy listening to what you have to say so don’t get all stressed if we ask so much questions. It only shows that we are interested and we want you to tell us more.

I think the biggest misconception about extroverts is that they’re social butterflies who are always excited, chatty, loud, and a bit obnoxious. Those generalizations are kind of off-putting to be honest and they don’t tell the whole picture. I know Extroverts that would rather be anywhere but at a party. Everyone has the capacity to be quiet and reflective; extroverts are no different.


How is it like to be with extroverts? Did you had a pleasant experience with them or was it horrible? What qualities of an extrovert that you like or dislike? I’d like to know by commenting below!

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17 thoughts on “8 Misconceptions about Extroverts as Told by an Extrovert

  1. Whoa, I think i’m an extrovert.
    7/8 of those mentioned described me. Haha.

    However, I don’t think that mas matalino sakin ang mga kaibigan kong introverts haha.

    Now I could defend my pagkaflirt. Hahaha


  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I am a combination of both but most people think that I am an absolute extrovert. Most of us fit these profiles and it is important to point that out.


  3. Great insight! Again, stereotypes don’t go for all, even though you could fit into some of them. Thanks for sharing!


  4. As an introvert, it was fun reading your post. You usually read this kind of posts mostly dedicated to introverts, not to extroverts. Indeed, people see extroverts to be always happy.


  5. I never heard these about extroverts. Maybe I don’t really read into personality a lot, but this was helpful to see another point of view.


  6. I agree with this post fully. I think that just because someone labels themselves as an extrovert people began assuming things that just aren’t true. I appreciate this misconceptions.


  7. This biggest missconception is that people believe that scorpios are extroverts. We all are introverts that behave like extroverts.


  8. You are so right about the misconceptions. I guess when one puts themselves out there, people naturally assume certain things based on their world view!


  9. This is very true! As an ambivert, I identify with both intro and extrovert. I like that this highlights the no so talked about qualities. Great post


  10. Hey,
    That sounds awesome. It really looks nice and the information mentioned in the post is really good.

    Aashirvad Kumar


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